About Me

About Me

My life took a completely new turn when I moved with my husband to the Middle East. Far away from my family and home, I gave birth to two wonderful sons which proved to be a big challenge for our little family. The usual help and support, especially within the family, was not at hand. I often felt lost with all my questions about my emotions and  body, sleepless nights and the challenges of early childhood development.

In 2009 I got the opportunity to attend my first Brain Gym 101 course in Dubai. I was amazed how simple exercises can improve our lives, our concentration and reduce our stress levels. There were finally answers to many of my questions. I was overjoyed to be able to help my family and myself. I was captured and wanted to learn more in this direction...

Since then, I have attended one course after another. I soaked in all valuable knowledge of the interplay between body and mind. Over the years, I learned incredible things from amazing teachers from all over the world who inspired me with their knowledge and experience.

Life in Dubai gave me the opportunity to meet and work with many people from different nations and parts of the world. I learned a lot about their sensitivities and the challenges they faced. What a valuable experience!

Being back in my beloved home country Austria I am grateful for all the experience, knowledge and friends I gained on the other side of the world. I am very passionate about my work.